Clare Cup 2018/2019

First Round - To be played by Monday 7th January  
I Barnes (FCA) Beat J.P Sinclair (OLA)
A Cowperthwaite (NCA) Lost to N Barber (FCB)
K Weeks (NCA) Lost to S Hughes (AUGA)
Second Round - To be played by Monday 11th February  
S Hughes (AUGA) Lost to J Clements (AUGA)
N Barber (FCB) Beat L Palethorpe (FCB)
M Radfcliffe (FLA) Beat P Bennett (FLA)
T Barlow (FLA) Beat I Knowles (OLB)
D O'Hara (AUGA) Lost to P Davies (AUGA)
G Clark (FCB) Beat M Rimmer (AUGB)
R Wilson (AUGA) Beat R Bell (FCB)
J Mason (NCB) Beat A Pellow (NCB)
C Connelly (FCB) Beat T Mortimore (NCA)
D Mycek (OLA) Lost to I Lindsay (AUGB)
L Marshall (FCA) Beat M Winkley (OLA)
I Dickinson (OLA) Lost to R Radford (AUGA)
G Burke (NCA) Lost to I Barnes (FCA)
A Swift (FCA) Lost to J Tristram (FCB)
S Catterall (FLA) Beat C Scorgie (OLB)
I Turner (FCA) Lost to M Evans (FCB)
Third Round - To be played by Monday 11th March  
M Radfcliffe (FLA) Lost to J Clements (AUGA)
S Catterall (FLA) Lost to M Evans (FCB)
L Marshall (FCA) Beat P Davies (AUGA)
I Barnes (FCA) Beat T Barlow (FLA)
C Connelly (FCB) Beat N Barber (FCB)
R Wilson (AUGA) Lost to J Mason (NOR A)
G Clark (FCB) Lost to I Lindsay (AUGB)
J Tristram (FCB) Lost to R Radford (AUGA)
Fourth Round - To be played by Monday 8th April  
J Mason (NOR A) Beat I Lindsay (AUGB)
L Marshall (FCA) Lost to M Evans (FCB)
R Radford (AUGA) Lost to J Clements (AUGA)
C Connelly (FCB) Beat I Barnes (FCA)
Semi Finals - Thursday 25th April (Our Ladys CMS Club 7:45pm)  
J Mason (NOR A) v C Connelly (FCB)
J Clements (AUGA) v M Evans (FCB)